Don Buck Honey harvests honey from specific clusters of sites, giving distinctive batches of honey with unique colors, tastes, and textures. Most of the honey jars are clear (some batches excepted, in dark pots), allowing you to see the color of the honey as well as any crystallization patterns that appear as the honey sets hard – a common feature of raw and non-creamed honey. 

Honey's Waitakere/Northland from -

  • Far North Bush Blend - This honey has been foraged from the rugged hilly bushlands of the Far North region. It is a blend of Native New Zealand bush nectars and has a rich sweet taste. Raw and unpasteurised. This honey has crystallized with a fine crystal structure. It can be made runny by heating it gently. Produced by another beekeeper but packed and brought to you by Don Buck Honey.


    Whangarei Farmland Blend is smooth and runny, but with a thin layer of crystallised honey at the bottom ranging between 2-3mm.  Last stocks of this honey from this particular location.  Raw and unpasturised.


    Manuka Blend 370g pot This Manuka Blend Honey is from New Zealand’s remote and rugged Far North backcountry. This honey has been laboratory tested at 65+ MGO, and has some of the distinct Manuka flavor, texture and health properties. The world renowned Manuka honey comes from the Leptospermum scoparium plant. This small tree is seen regularly in rural parts of upper New Zealand and its characteristic white flowers can be seen in bloom even in winter – but these do not produce nectar until the weather warms up in the first hot days of spring! This batch has some of that Manuka magic as well as honey made from the nectars of other flowering trees from the Far North.  Produced by another beekeeper and packed in his RMP approved premises, and brought to you by Don Buck Honey!


    Kanuka Blend from the Waitakere Ranges 500g pot Raw and unpasteurised. This honey has set solid but can be softened by heating it gently. Produced and packed by Don Buck Honey.


    Kanuka-Manuka Blend from the Far North 370g pot The Kanuka tree is a cousin to the Manuka bush and its honey has different health properties. It's taste is strong and earthy, but not super-sweet compared with most honey types. This batch is a later season blend of Kanuka and Manuka and is Manuka-active at 55MGO. Raw and unpasteurised. This honey has crystallized but is still soft. It can be made smooth by heating it gently. Produced and packed by Don Buck Honey.