Request a repeat Flower Essence Remedy.  Either you are an existing client or you already know which essences you want.


NOTE:  We have to pass on a price increase from our supplier hence our consultation fee is now $110.00 and repeat remedies are $30.00 each.


Andrina will provide you with a personal consultation followed by her creating your personal essence blend specific to what you are wanting to address in your life, for you to take home.  For all bookings please email me.  We do not have a third party payment option to process your orders.


One off consultations are $110.00 for those who choose to come when they want.  A Xero Invoice will be sent out to you for payment.


*Consultations will only be confirmed when full payment has been received.:-)



Flower Essence from $30.. Consultation from

Price Options
One-time purchase
My Self Care Remedy
Subscribe comes with a free gift with each shipment
$30.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Please see my online booking page to arrange your apppointment.  Or email or text me for any other questions 0273357641 email


  • If you need to cancel I will do my best to reschedule you but at my discretion there will be no refund for late cancellations.