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Alchemists Den is overlighted by Andrina Eyles - chief trainer, facilitator and creator - available to empower and educate people.  With a background in engineering, film and project management, looking after land and plants, always with plant medicine at her side.  Andrina is very pragmatic and practical which gives her a huge foundation to run the Alchemists Den.  It allows her to step in to the full expression of herself, knowing that she can do it, without any self doubt. 

Paul is in the background always with his supportive input and eye on the future.  With his own skill base in engineering, health industry, building, and a wealth of knowledge about food as medicine.  His passion is in the Still Room and creating beauty with timber and food.

Alchemists Den can take you on a journey, looking at what you know, where you want to go, and guiding you to look at the land, bush, plants and how they can be used sustainably and ethically. 

Both Andrina and Paul have much to share and offer.

Alchemists Den is about sustainability, at this time in the world things are rapidly changing, product may become scarce, and we are working toward a life of community rather than corporation.  We try to use easily accessible ingredients, transitioning from international product to New Zealand made.  Nothing will be made unless it can be done easily and from and in conjunction with the land.  We are not in to fads.  We are all about future thinking and using sustainable products and practices.  Growing produce in the garden to replace shelf items from supermarkets and single use purchases.

To support people who want to take control and open up choices to access these products.

 Alchemists Den is driven by environmental awareness, not profit and creating from what is available with a respectful eye on the future.

Alchemists Den would like to acknowledge those who have helped us get this far. All of our plants and the land we look after and the elements that support life.  Samsung for the ability to take most of these wonderful photos directly from my phones, Angela Brown for putting all the nuts and bolts together for us using this great template and back end from Wix,  Windmill Lavender Farm Gisborne, Blants of Whangarei, Arthur Holmes, Sounds Soap, and so many more, you know who you are.  Both of our parents and friends & customers who have supported our vision.  

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