We have Pop Up days from time to time - we invite you to come and chill out and enjoy the vibe our garden, bush and surrounds have to offer - we are about community so come and join in or come see us at a Market or Show



Pop Up Open days

Our Market Days are a mix of selling of wares, family atmosphere and Carnival affairs

EVENT Glen Eden Garden Club April 20th at 10:30am, we will be there giving a demo and talk about what we do.

KUMEU Sunday Market Dates for 2021 are here NEXT one is April 18th 8-2pm, May 16th 8-2pm, June 20th 8-2pm, July 18th 8-2pm, August 15th 8-2pm, September 19th 8-2pm, October 17th 8-2pm, November 21st 8-2pm, December 12th 8-2pm.

ORATIA Shed Collective 24 April 9-1pm, that's by the 2nd Just Plane Interesting Shop. 

MILFORD Crystal Visions Saturday Market Dates for 2021 are here NEXT one is May 1st 10-4pm, June 5th 10-4pm, July 4th 10-4pm, August 7th 10-4pm, September 4th 10-4pm, October 2nd 10-4pm, November  6th 10-4pm, December 4th 10-4pm.

Pop Up open days for 2021 at our grounds are.... dates to come

All Pop Up Day hours are 10am till 4pm - all welcome to enjoy the Carnival atmosphere

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