We have Pop Up days from time to time - we invite you to come and chill out and enjoy the vibe our garden, bush and surrounds have to offer - we are about community so come and join in or come see us at a Market or Show



Pop Up Open days

Our Market Days are a mix of selling of wares, family atmosphere and Carnival affairs

EVENT Glen Eden Garden Club April 20th at 10:30am, we will be there giving a demo and talk about what we do.

KUMEU Sunday Market Dates for 2021 are here NEXT one is May 16th 8-2pm, June 20th 8-2pm, July 18th 8-2pm, August 15th 8-2pm, September 19th 8-2pm, October 17th 8-2pm, November 21st 8-2pm, December 12th 8-2pm.

ORATIA Shed Collective 24 April 9-1pm, that's by the 2nd Just Plane Interesting Shop. 

MILFORD Crystal Visions Saturday Market Dates for 2021 are here.  NEXT one is May 1st 10-4pm, June 5th 10-4pm, July 4th 10-4pm, August 7th 10-4pm, September 4th 10-4pm, October 2nd 10-4pm, November  6th 10-4pm, December 4th 10-4pm.

Pop Up open days for 2021 at our grounds are.... dates to come... these will be in Spring and Summer of 2021.

All Pop Up Day hours are 10am till 4pm - all welcome to enjoy the Carnival atmosphere