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Unprecedented Times in our Human Realm

Oh my gosh, who ever thought that we would be witness to such turmoil in our everyday life.

Every day I give thanks and am grateful for nature and the comfort that she gives me. It is my greatest wish that all of you who subscribe are able to find ways that you are able to find comfort in your lives.

Looking out the window at the land I am watching the seeds crack their outer shells and push up against the earth, poking their heads up into the world of wind, rain, storm, calm, light and dark, and those slippery predators. Some of them survive and some do not. As I think about this it sinks into my being that every day we do the same thing, get out of our cosy beds, open our eyes to the light, wether the day is stormy or calm, we enter out into the world and then as the day comes to an end, we retreat back into our beds once more. Making this comparison highlights the strength and resistance that plants have as they cannot go home and get back into their cosy beds. The life time of plants that are annuals have such a short life yet they make the most of every day! I guess my point is that we too can make the most of each day no matter what is thrust in front of us.

A new service has now been listed on the website, it is called Give Back Wednesday.

This is available each week, with limited spaces, these can be online or held outside, social distancing of 2m. Just as we would for a picnic.

As I step into a new way of navigating these times, I want to bring in a new way of working with those who are really struggling and do not have the funds to get blends for all their family, it is also for those who may not be working and are really low on funds. I am offering my consultation time free clients pay for is the flower remedies, each remedy is $30. .

Balancing this out are the Full Consultations, Mondays and Fridays, those who have the means to pay for the full consultation fee can do so, and if they wish can also pay it forward for someone who is really struggling.

In these turbulent times I hope to share the magic of the First Light® Flower Essences of New Zealand with those who are drawn to them.

There are new stocks of Balms, Soaps, and First Light Natural Health® remedies. Check them out at

I welcome those who are local who wish to get their hands in the dirt, get some fresh air, check out the shop. You are invited let me know if you wish to come. Social distancing protocols apply. We do have a QR code.

Wishing you all well as you find your standing place in this rapidly changing world. Upholding the light, and Green Blessings


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