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We come to you with our gear, we have a 5 and 10ltr Copper Still and a 25ltr Copper Head Stainless still.  We do not provide steralised jars and containers.  These need to be supplied by you when we arrive.


We will need access to water and a weather proof place to distill in.  We may also need power.


We can process hydro (hydrosols) or hydro-steam (combination of hydrosol & essential oil) or steam (essential oil) distillations.  Let us know what plants you wish to work with and we will advise best practice for you.


Our onsite rate is $75 per hour and we do charge travel time at $25 per hour.


A deposit of $75 is to be made on booking.  The balance must be made via internet banking prior to us leaving site. 


On Site Distillation Service from -

  • We are usually busy with our market committments on weekends, weekdays are better for us for on site distilling.  Let us know what you would like and we can see if we can work together to help you.





  • If you need to cancel I will do my best to reschedule you but at my discretion there will be no refund for cancellations.