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Our fleeces are sourced from animals that are well loved and cared for within the North Auckland area, some even have names!  The wool is hand washed with our own soap, hand spun, carded or hand twisted right here at our place, and then lightly scented with Thyme essential oil. 

Heritage sheep breeds we have access to are, Gotland, Border Leicester, Jacob, Perindale and Romney.

Our rugs may contain, Alpaca (white, black, gray, ginger) or plant dyed sheep wool.

We do not use chemicals, or solvents in any of our processes.

Did you know that wool is one of the most energetically beneficial fibres for humans?

Several sizes are available.  If you want a specific size, please let us know.

The rugs in the photos will give an idea of colours and textures available.

Rugs will shed fibres, to refresh rug roll it up and take it outside and gently shake it.  Over time the rug will begin to felt together.  Avoid vacuuming and wash as with woolen items.

Hand Made Wool Rugs- Made to order

PriceFrom $100.00
  • Options: Sizes are nominal, close but not exact.

    Floor rugs -

    Small 0.3x0.6m,

    Medium 0.5x1.0m,

    Large 0.7x1.4m