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Hand crafted from our own home grown beeswax, over the winter months when we have the wood fire burning.  Our candles contain raw wax which has propolis and parts of bees which make these candles 'talk' when they burn.  We make the candles in pairs using pure cotton candle wick, and hang them over a drying rack between dipping.  Our special vessel which we melt our wax in gives the candles their unique colour, it's also a natural earth element.  

We have two sizes, classic candellabra (large) diameter and beer bottle neck size (medium).

No artificial colourants, fragrance or additives have been used in the making of these candles.  

As they are only crafted over one season we may run out of stock until next winter.  Remember never leave candles burning unattended or close to hanging fabrics.



Candles Black Beeswax - Tapered from

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Beautiful tapered beeswax candles sold as a pair.