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Learn all about distilling methods from Andrina with her back to basics hands on approach using beautiful wild crafted or cultivated ingredients to create non-alcoholic beverages, tinctures, essential oils and floral waters.  Andrina carries a wealth of hands on knowledge that she will impart to you during this course.  This is a class that will give you confidence in being able to get your own small scale distilling operation up and going. 

Payments for courses must be made via internet banking prior to the course commencing.  Installments can be made prior to each class.

See below for course dates in the Class Times section.

Class Distilling - All methods

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  • Course commencing 29 April 2023 4 days over one year, working with moon astronomy and seasons so plants are at their full potency.

    Part payments can be made by arrangement if needed.

    Dates for each module are

    #101 class & Distilling for Hydrosols 29/4/23 

    #102 class Distilling for Essential Oils 27/5/23

    #103 class Distilling for Hydrosol & Essential Oil (Hydrosteam Distillation) 13/8/23

    #104 class Distilling for Alcohol to tincture 22/10/23

    Each class commences at 10am and ends at 3pm.

    With each module there is the opportunity to take home product you have helped to create and a certificate of completion.






  • If you need to cancel I will do my best to reschedule you but at my discretion there will be no refund for cancellations.