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Beautiful herb wands, crafted 100% onsite from plants in our garden.  Each wand is completely different in size, weight, height.  They all contain Asian Mugwort as the backbone.  Bound with cabbage tree fibre.

They may contain white rose petals, pink rose petals, yarrow, lavender, mint, calendula flowers, rosemary, tyme, tarata, kawakawa, kauri leaf...... 

These are so popular I am constantly running out, demand exceeds supply. If you want to purchase these then I am very happy for you to pre-order.  Note the colours in the flowers will fade, leaves & petals may fall off.  I do not use colour fixatives or other chemicals to hold the colour or plant material together.  When each wand has faded this is the best time to use it as a smudge stick.....remember to use a dinner plate beneath to catch any falling embers, keep the house standing :-)

Batch High Summer 2021

I will be running a class on how to make these, see the Bookings Tab to enroll.


Autumn Wands Herbal from

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  • Uses- magical wand for your altar, hang on the wall, place in a vase, put it on the dresser beside your bed, hang in a window, gift for another, place on the coffin of a deceased loved one.

    If you choose to burn your flower wand, please make sure to hold a dinner plate beneath it, burning down your digs is not a good idea.