Our magnesium oil sprays were created on the 'I need to use this' I am still using it and find it very helpful for sore muscles and for getting to sleep.  Each bottle comes as either a 50ml or 100ml spray bottle.  We are happy to refill or for you to swap.


We have two aromatics to choose from

Peppermint Mentha, fantastic for applying to the underside of your feet before putting your shoes on for the day.


Patch test before applying to sensative skin.  Wash hands after applying, so you don't get salt in your eye!  Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool place.  Wear pj's and or socks if applying to skin and going to bed, oil on sheets is not ideal. :-)

Magnesium Oils Peppermint from

  • Twice distilled product, distilled water, hydrosol and Himalayan food grade Magnesium chloride.  The salt has been sustainably sourced.


    Peppermint mentha hydrosol